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Staff training & education courses to suit your companies individual needs.

Why train your staff?

Training your staff is no longer just about best practice, being an employer of choice, rewarding employees, and improving staff morale.

It’s also about risk management and your bottom line. Training your staff can:

  • Improve company performance by increasing productivity
  • Transfer skills into other departments and roles
  • Multi-skill your workers meaning less reliance on a handful of key people
  • Result in less need for supervision
  • Improve safety thus reducing workplace injuries and your workers compensation premium
  • Provide clarity in a specific job function
  • Provide a pathway to compliance of s.19 Primary Duty of Care under the WHS Act

In-house courses

We facilitate around 60 In-House courses each year with clients that include Government Departments, Regulators, RTOs, major public companies and SME’s. If you have eight or more delegates, we can come to you!

Advantages of in-house courses are:

  • They are cost effective and convenient
  • It is an opportunity for team building across multiple business areas
  • It provides the opportunity to incorporate internal training and/or procedures
  • Focused training on areas specific to your industry and workplace
  • Centralised reporting of competency for your LMS
  • Design sessions around your business schedule e.g. staggered classes

Recognition of prior learning

We recognise many organisations have skilled employees in Managerial, Supervisory, and Executive positions who have obtained a high level of practical skills accompanied by historical and superceded qualifications. Have you ever wondered how to up skill your workforce (to achieve Nationally Recognised Qualifications) with minimal disruption to your operations?

RPL entails engaging a qualified HBA Trainer/Assessor to review and assess the following:

  • Work experience (paid and unpaid)
  • Life experience
  • Formal training conducted by industry or an education provider
  • Internal training

Free initial organisational consultation

HBA is able to offer an ‘onsite’ Vocational Skills Assessment service where we come to you to discuss your employees current work skills and requirements and identify the learning objectives for the organisation and individuals. Based on this information a qualified HBA Trainer and Assessor will identify the appropriate qualifications and learning pathway.

If your employees can demonstrate competencies in qualifications such as Project Management, Training & Assessment or Work Health & Safety, make an appointment for a free skills assessment discussion today by completing the form below or call 1300 721 503 and ask for Harold.

HBA’s Initial Organisational Consultation (FREE):

  • 1-2 hour discussion with you
  • Discuss the organisation’s learning objectives and identify current skills of employees
  • Review the In-House training and assessment processes and map to Nationally Recognised Training
  • Choose the relevant Units of Competency and or Qualification/s suitable for the organisations learning objectives
  • Discuss the evidence and RPL Kit completion requirements
  • Nominate the Units of Competency and or Qualification/s for selected employees
  • Schedule an HBA onsite RPL Assessment interview for the selected employees (minimum of 4)

Customised training – design your own Micro Credential

Many organisations want to ensure their workforce is equipped with the training needed to perform efficiently and safely. However some positions require relatively few units of competencies to function effectively. Why overload your workforce with unnecessary training and have them off the job when you can customise courses to deliver specific units that are relevant to individual job functions?

Corporate busienssconfidence

Contextualised nationally recognised qualifications

HBA offers tailored In–House courses for its large corporate and government clients that wish to utilise their own policies, procedures and templates to achieve compliance and immediate practical application to their workplace.

We can integrate your company documentation to align with a Nationally Recognised Qualification.

The benefits of this partnership include:

  • Relevance and consistent application of workplace procedures
  • Assisted implementation of new management systems
  • Evidence of consultation mechanism for workplace procedures as required by Section 49 of the WHS Act 2011
  • Verification of your employees knowledge of company procedures as required by Section 19 of WHS Act 2011
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