In depth review of tae40122 certificate iv in training and assessment support methods - part 2 video library

In Depth Review of TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Support Methods – Part 2

In a previous Blog we identified the 6 different methods of support we provide to all our learners. You can read that HERE.

In an attempt to detail how the support services help our Learners this is the second in a series of 6.

Support Videos

We recognise every person can not attend a Trainer led course, we have many Learners who work in mission critical areas ie Ambos, Fireys, Police, Nurses etc and these people simply can not take the time off work to attend a course. These and many other people from all walks of life tend to have little choice but to enrol in a self-paced course and frankly, the TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course is sophisticated and complex including reference to Foundation Skills, the AQF, the ACSF, the Standards for RTO’s etc. To assist these people, we have recorded (and are still recording) a series of videos which are designed to be educative in nature. We ask each of our Trainers to assist in these recordings and the links to these are placed in the Learner resource folder which you receive once you have enrolled. Having the recordings in our system allows all learners to watch them 24/7, multiple times if necessary.

As 2024 passes we will continue to add to the library and eventually every element of the course will be available online.

The Best Thing?There is no cost.

If you want to take advantage of HBA’s support methods, ENROL HERE.