The presentation program the presentation program

The Presentation Program

As a continued commitment to our corporate accounts, we have scheduled a Free of Charge 3-day Face to Face presentation course commencing 1st July 2024 in our North Sydney Learning Centre. We are offering seats to each of our corporate accounts, if you wish to nominate folk from your organisation to attend, please send the undersigned their names and contact details to [email protected] by the close of business Monday 10th June 2024. After this date we will offer any left-over seats (it is limited to 12) to our 60,000 past and current learners. The course description is as follows:

The Presentation Program

“If the world’s a stage, then act the part”.  This unique program is not your classic presentation skills seminar.  Most of today’s presentations are in front of small to medium sized groups. Your personal impact, verbal, vocal and visual, can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Learn how to maximise your potential.  Project that elusive quality termed charisma, while using tried and true methods to make a positive impact.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to maximise their impact on clients

Key Topics

•              Types of presentations

•              Structure of presentations

•              Stagecraft

•              Verbal, vocal and visual skills

•              Personal presentation

•              Social skills

•              Visual aids

 Learning Methods

 See, do and practise. The brutal reality of video and critique will enable you to gauge quantifiable improvement in your performance.

 Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the program you should be able to:

•              Choose the appropriate style of presentation.

•              Perform appropriately for the target audience.

•              Structure a presentation.

•              Use verbal, vocal and visual skills.

•              Maximise personal impact.

•              Use social skills.

•              Use visual aids effectively.

Program Length

 Three consecutive days.