What are foundation skills? Foundation skills

What are Foundation Skills?

When you undertake TAE40122 Certificate IV in training and assessment you will be introduced to the subject of Foundation Skills and it may well be the first time you have come across the title.

In the main we gain our Foundation Skills when we are at school, subjects such as English, Reading, Science and Math provide the pillars on which we build our individual knowledge including the understanding and interpretation of our world. It occurs that many people do not have access to 12 years of schooling and therefore it could be argued their Foundation Skills are not to the same level as someone who matriculated or went on to undertake further education. Research has shown several things including:

  • Having low level Foundation Skills often results in low paid positions
  • Foundation Skill requirements post Covid has changed due to the increased use of digital technology
  • Small gains in literacy can result in up to a 10% increase in income

When you undertake our course, you will gain strong underpinning knowledge on this subject.

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