Whs legislation and covid-19 whs legislation and covid

WHS legislation and Covid-19

The introduction of the Covid virus into Australia has certainly had WHS/OHS professionals reaching for the legislation to ensure their enterprise is compliant with the requirements. It has been the proverbial “can of worms” for some employers because there is a balance between the rights of an individual and the legislation. For example, if we consider the legislation it says an enterprise has a duty to ensure it must eliminate the risk of exposure where reasonably practicable. Now it is the word reasonably practicable that has created the grey area for WHS/OHS practitioners. On the one hand they have to keep folk free from the risk of exposure to Covid-19 by

  • Consider working from home arrangements
  • Requiring workers to practice physical distancing
  • Require workers to practice good hygiene
  • Require workers to stay home when sick
  • Cleaning the workplace regularly and thoroughly

Asa result of the Covid-19 pandemic HBA Learning Centres has contextualised several units including BSBWHS414 Contribute to WHS risk management to ensure Covid-19 and other highly transmissible virus’ are covered in great detail.

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