What new units are in tae40122 certificate iv in training and assessment (part 2) new tae422 units

What new units are in TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Part 2)

TAEASS412 Assess Competence is the second core unit of TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment we will explain, it supersedes TAEASS402 Assess competence. If we consider the major changes in the previous qualification, we note it was to strengthen the Assessment learning field and the new unit continues the strengthening process by having you assess more units.

TAEASS412 assess competence strengthens the notion that assessing a Learner against the requirements of a Unit of Competency is arguably the most important activity we do in VET, after all a positive outcome leads to the awarding of a Nationally Recognised Qualification. The new unit has increased the requirement for both the number of assessments to be done and the amount of underpinning knowledge you are required to hold.

To achieve competence in TAEASS412 Assess competence you need to conduct at least 6 assessments of complete units of competency (both performance and knowledge requirements). In doing the assessments you must have 3 different candidates who are each assessed against 2 Units. To further complicate the process, you must use current and validated assessment tools and meet several additional elementary requirements.

In HBA’s Blended delivery you will complete this under the watchful eye and direction of one of our qualified Trainers.

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